WAO Membership

WAO Membership

WAO Membership

If your Society is already a Member of WAO, please contact info@worldallergy.org with any questions.

If your Society is not a Member of WAO, but would like to apply for membership, please see the below links:

Membership Application (online version)

Your application will not be processed until the information below is received by the WAO Secretariat.

(1) Completed Membership Application (above)

(2) Officer Roster: Current list of officers (for example: President, President Elect, Secretary General, etc.) and Board of Directors, including address, telephone, fax, and email address for each (Please send data as an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or via disk)

(3) Membership Roster: Current list of names, addresses, telephone, fax, and e-mail addresses of all active members. (Please send data as an Excel attachment, Word attachment, or via disk).

(4) Copy of the society's current Constitution and Bylaws in English (Translated if necessary)

Please fax, mail or email the completed application and materials to the information provided below:


World Allergy Organization (WAO)
555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823, USA
Telephone: +1 414 276 1791
Fax: +1 414 276 3349
E-mail: info@worldallergy.org



The WAO Secretariat will contact you via e-mail upon receipt of a complete application.


Benefits of WAO Membership

  • Grow through professional networks. Your WAO membership comes with the privilege of belonging to the largest international allergy organization in the world! Members enjoy enhanced recognition, connect to renowned leaders and gain a global perspective of the scientific and clinical aspects of allergy.

  • Promote your Society through the WAO website at www.worldallergy.org. As a WAO member, you can advance your Society's visibility, and showcase your events, learn about other national and regional organizations from around the world, and partake in WAO’s cutting-edge educational programs through the website.

  • Receive electronic updates. Members receive electronic newsletters (e-letters) on groundbreaking research, current trends, best practices and major allergy meetings around the world.

  • Take part in global outreach. Get involved in WAO’s international congresses, global education programs, and website to help bring state-of-the-art allergy treatment and best practice information to physicians and allergy specialists throughout the developing world.

  • Participate in World Allergy Week. Join WAO and its other Member Societies in raising awareness of allergic disease and related disorders. Utilize WAO-provided resources to host local, regional, and national activities. Share and be recognized for your advocacy and involvement by sending stories, audio and video recordings, photographs and press releases to WAO.

  • Contribute to WAO governance; provide service through committees. Regional nominating groups and national societies appoint members to the WAO House of Delegates and Board of Directors. This global representation extends members the right to vote and influence WAO governance. Members also serve on committees and advisory boards that form and implement WAO activities and programs.

  • Become a WAO Center of Excellence. Becoming a WAO Center of Excellence (WCOE) allows you to provide mentorship for research and training for WAO Junior Members, conduct educational programs in collaboration with WAO, and offers opportunities through lectureships and research fellowships with other WCOEs to further education and research.

  • Request endorsement and collaboration. Broaden and strengthen your Society's meetings and conferences by requesting WAO Endorsement and/or collaboration. WAO can participate by providing endorsing logo, a speaker, an online webinar, or other forms of support.

  • Use of the WAO logo. WAO Member Societies may use the official logo of the World Allergy Organization (within WAO’s Corporate Guidelines) on stationery items, such as letterhead and business cards. We encourage Member Societies to proudly display the WAO logo for international recognition. For WAO logo use on other printed materials, including meeting programs, please contact the WAO Secretariat.

  • Participate in educational programs. As a member of WAO, you have the opportunity to participate in programs like the Emerging Societies Program (ESP) and the World Allergy Forum to promote education in allergy and to assist you in the advancement and development of the specialty of allergy.