World Allergy Week

World Allergy Week 2024

Professor Bryan L. Martin, President of the World Allergy Organization (WAO), warmly welcomes you to World Allergy Week 2024 (23-29 June).

Each year, WAO highlights a disease topic that needs greater public awareness around the world. WAO Member Societies and the WAO Centers of Excellence participate locally or regionally. They hold educational events for the public as well as healthcare practitioners, or media events to promote general awareness of the disease topic, or other awareness activities based on local needs. WAO provides resources, hosts an international webinar, and disseminates educational information through various channels.
Save the Date! WAO will host the World Allergy Week 2024 webinar on 25 June 8:00 am (New York time). More information below…     

Food allergies are becoming more common in people of all ages around the world, and this is a global health problem.

Food allergies can be life threatening.

Obtaining a correct diagnosis by a physician with allergy expertise is critically important to avoid missing cases or over diagnosis.

Patients can manage their food allergies well with help from an allergist and support from a dietician skilled in food allergy, and this can improve their quality of life.

Food allergy is all around us; everyone should know what food allergy is, be able to recognize the risks, and be prepared to help.


Join us for the free international World Allergy Week 2024 Webinar

25 June 2024, 8:00 am EDT (New York) | 12:00 UTC

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Overcoming Food Allergy Obstacles 

  1. Definitions and prevalence
    - Prof. Carina Venter
  2. Clinical aspects and quality of life
    - Prof. Margitta Worm
  3. Interpretation of diagnostic tests
    - Prof. Elham Hossny
  4. Current treatments and a look ahead
    - Prof. Graham Roberts
  5. Patient and physician partnership in food allergy management
    - Prof. Maria Antonieta Guzmán
  6. Why everyone should be educated on food allergy
    - Prof. Alessandro Fiocchi
  7. Discussion and questions
    - Moderator: Prof. Bryan L. Martin

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in the challenges of food allergies.

Details on how to register, coming soon…
If you are a WAO Member Society or Center of Excellence

Activities for participation at the local and national level:
  • Add the logo to your society's and/or COE home page and link it to
  • If other formats are needed, please contact WAO Secretariat (

  • Note: World Allergy Week logo may not be resized or modified in any way. May not be used by industry or for commercial purposes.

  • Translate news releases and disseminate them nationally and include contact information for one or two subject experts in your society or center to speak about World Allergy Week and this year’s topic.

  • Share the infographic.

  • Conduct events in your area such as a news conference or educational programs. Contact television and radio stations and ask them to host World Allergy Week 2024 interviews with local allergy specialists.

  • Promote the webinar.

  • Use the hashtag #WorldAllergyWeek for your activities.

This page will be updated frequently. Resources including infographic and webinar details will be posted when available. For inquiries, contact