Wisla, Poland: 11 May 2017

Wisla, Poland
11 May 2017

The WATS Poland was held 11 May 2017 in conjunction with the Polish Society of Allergology's X Training Conference of PTA in Wisla, Poland. This international meeting was organized with the assistance of PTA and the organizing committee.

The WATS was attended by a number of young and enthusiastic allergists and pediatricians. Each WATS lecture was paired with case studies or practical hands-on workshops and included:

1) Allergy skin testing and immunotherapy presented by Dr. Richard Weber;
2) Asthma diagnosis and management presented by Dr. Maciej Kupczyk;
3) Food allergy and anaphylaxis presented by Dr. Elham Hossny
... and More!

As you can see from the posted photos, this was a very successful and rewarding experience for all involved. We offer a special thank-you to all who contributed to the organization of this meeting.