Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (TNSACI)


  • To examine the medical and social aspects of the causes of allergy diseases; and to support efforts by the government, other relevant associations and institutions operating in this field.
  • To act as a scientific and legal support and advocating organ for professional studies of allergic disease specialists.
  • To acts as a uniting platform for strengthening the ties between fellow specialists; to coordinate the exchange of information between members of the Society through organizing social gatherings as well as congresses.
  • To represent our country in similar national and international meetings and to promote studies conducted in this field in Turkey; To conduct research and review and publish; To provide all kinds of support in this regard.
  • To support studies on public health; To cooperate with and assist to the government and other institutions regarding public health issues.
  • To provide moral and financial support to those whose studies are successful in the field of allergic diseases.

Founded: April 23, 1989