Polish Society of Allergology (PTA)

Founded: November 15, 1982

Mission: The mission of the Polish Society of Allergology is based on some fundamental objectives of our activity, including:

  • assembling people who work, or are interested in, experimental and clinical allergology, or related areas,
  • representing Polish allergology at home and abroad,
  • propagation of knowledge about allergology in the society, including, in particular, medical students, physicians, other medical staff and technical personnel,
  • participation in professional development of doctors in the field of allergology,
  • cooperation with state administration agencies, professional self-governments and associations with the aim to ensure appropriate level of health care in the field of allergology in Poland,
  • conducting and supporting various forms of training and educational activities, arranged for the representatives of the medical community and related areas, to extend the knowledge and practical skills in the field of allergology.